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C and C++ Training in Chennai

The basic aim of the best C and C++ Training in Chennai is not just to provide the training but to get a career start in a great level and make the dream come true for the students. We help our student to get placed in top MNCs through our placement assistance. 'College To Corporate' offering quality training on C and C++.

C and C++ Training in Chennai

C is an imperative, general purpose programming language that supports structured programming, scope and recursion, and lexical variables. This was developed by Dennis Ritchie at AT & T Bell Labs during the period of 1969 to 1973 to develop UNIX operating system and this was standardized by the American National Standards Institute as well as later by the International Organization for Standardization. This is the most widely used computer language and this has found to be lasting its use in the applications that was initially developed in assembly language including the operating system.


C++ is also an imperative, general purpose programming language which is also object-oriented and generic programming features those facilities for a low-level memory manipulation. C++ is found to be useful in various contexts like software infrastructure, resource constrained applications that includes the desktop applications and performance critical applications. Complied language C++ is available in many platforms and is provided by various IT companies. This was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979 in the name C with Classes in AT & T Bell Labs. C++ has become so popular because it is an object-oriented programming language.

C & C++ is the one of the old but the most used programming languages and this is used in the lowest to the highest level of applications. C & C++ developer are very handful and we have a great demand for well knowledge students in the industry. The best C and C++ Training in Chennai aims to develop more and more students with this knowledge. With the introduction of Java and dot Net people have started learning this technology and the number of people who have the knowledge of C & C++ has reduced to a great extent. College To Corporate aims to educate the people on the necessity of learning C & C++ and teach this programming language to a great extent from the basic to the advanced topics with practical sessions to try out your own programs with the help of our trainers. We have the best C & C++ trainers who are working on various products and other applications for more than 10 years.

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C & C++ Training Course syllabus

  • Introduction
  • Data Types and Variables
  • Input/Output Management
  • Control-Flow Statements
  • Modular Programming with Functions
  • Arrays, Pointers, and Strings
  • Structures
  • File Input/Output

C++ Training Syllabus

  • Introduction to C++
  • Variables and data types
  • Looping constructs: while, do...while, for loops
  • Functions
  • Arrays
  • Storage Classes
  • Pointers
  • C++ classes
  • Reference types
  • Function overloading
  • Copy constructor
  • Template classes
  • Inheritance
  • Virtual functions
  • Virtual base classes
  • Exception handling

Course Highlights

  • Free demo classes.
  • Limited Batch Size.
  • Excellent lab facility.
  • Innovative ideas are taught by the professionals.
  • 100% placement Assurance.
  • Expert trainers will teach the students.
  • Certificates are provided to the students.

About Trainer

  • 13+ experienced in C & C++
  • Certified trainer
  • Working in top MNC company
  • Friendly and interactive
  • Trained more than 3000 students
  • Ready to help students - 24/7
  • Strong knowledge and perfect delivery
  • On the spot doubt clarifying person

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13+ experience


  • CLA: C Programming Language Certified Associate
  • CPA: C++ Certified Associate Programmer
  • CPP: C++ Certified Professional Programmer
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